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High Throughput Sample Preparation

High Throughput Sampling and Preparation

High recoveries and excellent flow rates

Pall Laboratory offers different solutions for the rapid processing of your analytical samples, these include AcroPrep Advance 96 well filter plates for DNA purification and a range of different size centrifugation devices.


Our next generation 96-well AcroPrep™ Advance Filter Plates for DNA purification are designed to provide superior performance in a multitude of sample prep applications. These multi-well filter plates have been optimized to support the stringent requirements of high throughput applications.


AcroPrep Advance filter plates are designed in accordance with the standards set forth by the Society of Biomolecular Screening (ANSI/SBS x-2004) for multi-well plates. The plate has a rigid construction, which facilitates ease of use in automated systems. The rigidity of the plate prevents it from flexing and jamming in robotic processing units.


The sealing mechanism used in the AcroPrep Advance filter plate individually seals each well to help prevent cross-talk or cross contamination of samples. The advanced fluid director on the bottom of the plate also minimizes cross-contamination of the filtrate during processing.


AcroPrep Advance 96-well filter plates for DNA purification offer improved consistency and reproducibility:


  • Well design increases well-to-well consistency for sample processing and recovery.
  • Available with Pall’s GHP (hydrophilic polypropylene) universal solvent membrane.
  • Outlet tips minimize the formation of hanging drops, reducing the chance of cross contamination following filtration.
  • Optimized membrane configurations for assays, such as multiplexing and neonatal screening.
  • Individually sealed membranes and biologically inert housing minimizes the possibility of sample cross-contamination or loss.
  • Designed to meet SBS/ANSI guidelines, ensuring compatibility with standard processing equipment.
  • Smooth top surface, textured window for labelling, and A1 corner notch allow for easy identification.


Centrifugal devices are very simple to use. The sample to be processed is pipetted into the upper reservoir of the device. The device is placed into the appropriate centrifuge (taking care that the rotor is balanced) and spun. Filtrate can be recovered by removing the lower reservoir of the device and using a pipette or pipette tip to remove the liquid. Retentate can be recovered from the centrifugal device simply by pipetting it from the upper reservoir. 


  • Sample Prep – particulate removal prior to sample analysis (HPLC, IC, or GC)
  • Available with Pall’s GHP (hydrophilic polypropylene) universal solvent membrane.
  • Removal of precipitates (metals, polymers, or crystals)
  • Isolation of DNA from agarose gel slices
  • Removal of cells from media prior to analysis
  • Applications requiring maximum filtrate recovery from limited sample volumes



acroprep 24 filtration system