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Environmental & Municipal Water Microbiology

Reliable Results

Easy to use products help you stay error-free

We have been involved with water quality monitoring for coliforms since Standard Methods adopted the use of Membrane Filtration as an acceptable, and often preferable, method for monitoring drinking water quality.    


Every day, public and private health officials and quality managers make critical decisions that impact the safety of the public. Reliable data is the key to assuring that proper actions are taken. Our products for microbial monitoring are designed to meet and often exceed the stringent requirements of regulations for water or product testing. Our products are easy to use, and help you avoid errors in testing.


We have been involved with water quality monitoring for coliforms since Standard Methods adopted the use of Membrane Filtration as an acceptable, and often preferable, method for monitoring drinking water quality. Our mixed cellulose ester GN Metricel® membranes set the standard worldwide for meeting stringent regulations by providing uniform and consistent growth of organisms. In addition to our membranes, we offer a variety of accessories to support water quality labs including Petri dishes, prepared microbiological media, and hardware. Our unique Magnetic Filter Funnel is used extensively throughout the water quality testing community because of its one-handed operation that simplifies testing and improves aseptic technique. 


Our Sentino Filter Dispenser is designed to aseptically dispense a single disc of membrane at the press of a button. The membrane can easily be transferred using forceps onto a platform to be used in MF Technique. As the membrane is dispensed, the packaging materials neatly wind onto spools for disposal when the end of the pack is reached.


The dispenser is ideal for high throughput microbiology testing labs that are looking for more ergonomic, faster ways to handle individual membranes.


The dispenser’s small foot print is designed to take up less bench top space and the small membrane refill pack results in less packaging for disposal. This new dispenser is highly versatile; and can be used on either mains power or via its internal rechargeable battery making the unit completely portable. 



A range of dispenser refill pack membranes are available to use with the Sentino dispenser. The refill pack has a miniaturized size to reduce storage space resulting in less packaging material waste.


Membrane dispenser packs can be used with Sentino Filter Funnels.  Sentino Filter Funnels are reliable and easy-to use disposable funnels which can reduce the risk of a contamination event over reusable devices as a new funnel and membrane are used for each sample.

Composed of Polypropylene plastic

Composed of Polypropylene plastic, the Sentino filter funnels are molded with the graduations on the outside of the funnel eliminating the possibility of solution being held up in the grooves of the graduations ensuring that all the solution passes through the membrane filter disc. The filter funnels are available in both 100 mL and 250 mL capacity to accommodate a wide variety of solution volumes.



For water quality sampling we offer our patented Envirochek® HV sampling capsules that are designed for 100% capture of Cryptosporidium oocysts and Giardia cysts from source or finished water. The protocol is faster, safer, and simpler than other methods and allows for processing of up to eight samples at once using our laboratory shaker.




  • Approved by regulatory agencies worldwide for Cryptosporidium and Giardia monitoring, including U.S. EPA methods 1622 and 1623, United Kingdom DWI standard operating protocols, and ISO/DIS 15553:2006.
  • Field-friendly design allows for a lower pressure source than competitive products, and is easier to transport and handle. Each capsule has a unique serial number for traceability.
  • Disposable design eliminates false positives from cross-contamination. 1 μm pore size membrane ensures complete capture of the organisms, eliminating false negatives.
  • Designed to eliminate human contact with organisms. No filter holder assembly or cleaning is required. Self-contained capsule's filter element does not need to be handled.