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Pharmaceutical Bioburden & Microbial Limits Testing

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Eliminate cross contamination and faulty results

Monitoring raw materials, Microbial Limits Testing, water and in-process bioburden are critical and crucial tests for the manufacture of safe, effective and pure pharmaceuticals, personal care products and other products which improve the quality of life for humans and animals. Knowing the level of microorganism contamination allows for corrective and preventative actions to be implemented as these will prevent production from halting and aid in out of specification investigations. 


The pharmaceutical workflow requires disposable, ready to use devices like the MicroFunnel ™ Plus Filter Funnels and when combined with the portable Sentino® Microbiology Pump, testing of these samples can be executed at the time of sampling, thus further reducing the potential for cross contamination and false test results.


We supplies an expansive range of disposable MicroFunnel units. Our MicroFunnel units come in a variety of choices. All of them contain a 47mm membrane, and are available with either GN-6, Supor, or Metricel Black membrane. Units are presterilized by gamma irradiation and available in a 100ml or 300ml format.


The MicroFunnel units have a unique “squeeze” design for easy access to the membrane. The membrane can then cultured in place or remove filter for culturing on agar plate.


The MicroFunnel ™ Plus Filter Funnels feature a vented, capped lid that snaps to a liquid-tight seal and eliminates the need for a separate sample collection cup. The lid's flexible pull-tab makes it easy to remove the lid from the sample container. This combined filter funnel and sample cup revolutionizes the way you monitor your water system and eliminate the risk of contamination.


The Sentino Pump System greatly simplifies the time it takes to prepare for membrane filtrations, frees up more lab space, simplifies testing, minimizes equipment maintenance, and provides a level of contamination control often overlooked within a lab.


The pump is designed to use peristaltic action to draw the sample through the filter and send filtrate directly to drain or waste collection. Operating parameters are preset and fixed to best satisfy published requirements for MF Technique in US EPA, ISO, and ASTM methods; thereby eliminating the need for extensive validations. The pump features a rechargeable battery for versatile use in all areas, both inside and outside the laboratory environment.


Features of the system include:


Minimal height – Allows convenient use in a hood fitted with a sash that can limit upward range of motion during routine analysis.


Disposable fluid path – Simple to load and completely disposable to eliminate potential biofilm build-up. There is no need to clean, wrap, and autoclave a bulky multi-place manifold. The potential for sporadic and unnecessary contamination is removed.


Peristaltic flow design – Pulls sample through the filter and fluid path eliminating the need for a vacuum source. Also ensures the fluid flows in one direction without the potential for back-up and contamination of analysis.


Fixed filtration parameters – Meets the Membrane Filter (MF) Technique filtration parameters described in U.S. EPA, ISO, and ASTM standards. Fixed conditions also prevent changes to filtration parameters that may adversely affect colony recoveries and integrity of results.


Safety feature – Eliminates a fluid trap under the vacuum, preventing implosion accidents.


Easy to clean – Shape of unit and materials of construction are easy to wipe down with standard laboratory disinfectants.


Simple operation – Soft-touch keypad has simple on/off function and pulse features to control filtration. No complicated programming necessary to validate.


Request a demo of the Pall Sentino Pump

 Pall Sentino Pump

Request a demo of the Pall Sentino Pump

The Sentino Filter Dispenser offers a simple design with a reliable membrane dispense. The Sentino Microbiology Pump is compact and portable for use anywhere.
The Sentino Filter Dispenser offers a simple design with a reliable membrane dispense. The Sentino Microbiology Pump is compact and portable for use anywhere.
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